Qualified Competitors, 2020

In 2020, the Oman Humanitarian Desalination Challenge saw 47 teams from 20 different countries applying, spanning a range of backgrounds including water research centers, private companies and startups, alongside individual innovators and problem solvers.

Get to know a little more about the qualified competitors that have participated in 2020 by reading their short profiles below.


Take a look at this mash up video of the video submissions received in 2020 from the different competitors. 

SMALL Laboratory

Academic/Research Institution

The ‘’SMaLL laboratory’’ is a scientific research group at the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Torino university, which investigates innovative solutions for applications related to the sustainable energy sector. The group has ten years of experience in the field of materials design across multiple scales and applied thermodynamics, as documented by 100+ scientific articles in international journals and patents. Two professors, one senior scientist and two doctoral students from SMaLL are participating in this Challenge.



Dr. Pak has been developing practical solar stills since 2013. He won Excellent Prize at the 1st World Water Challenge in 7th World Water Forum (2015) with ‘Low Cost Multi-effect Solar Stills‌. He was an invited speaker for ‘Specialized workshop on seawater desalination using solar energy‌ in State of Kuwait at KISR, and also presented at the Korea pavilion in COP21 UNFCCC in 2015. He is one of the co-author of Introduction to appropriate technology, (2018, a Korean college text book) participating the desalination chapter.

Swee Lab NUS

Academic/Research Institution

are a team of researchers from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at National University of Singapore led by Prof. Tan Swee Ching. Our research focusses on developing novel methodologies for desalination. Our group has successfully demonstrated a solar-powered contact-less approach to harvest clean water from the humid air that exists above sea surface with a yield of more than 10L/day. This work was highly appreciated and well-acknowledged among peers.


Individual Entry

Nanneer is a project by S.R. Nivaz. Nivaz has a degree in biotechnology and nanotechnology and is an engineer and researcher currently working on advanced bio-nano materials in the Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Anna University, Chennai, India for his Ph.D.


Registered Company

Our team participated in the 2019 contest, and as we stated in our Second Report; ” If MEDRC opens the competition next year, we will apply again and feel more comfortable to finish this Goal, based on the experience we have gained during this time within the quest set by us. As a challenge, we will continue investigating our proposed Friction Motor to generate heat as a prime energy source.”


Academic/Research Institution

We are researchers from an academic institute working on the desalination of brine. Our device is going to collect energy from nature, and incorporates with membrane filtration to achieve purified water.


Registered Company

SolarDew is a Dutch start-up company consisting of experts in the fields of water, solar, membrane technology, design and business development. Together they developed a solar water-purification technology to provide an affordable solution for point-of-use desalination. The technology provides a simple and reliable solution for the long-term but is also extremely well suited for deployment during emergencies where existing water supplies are suddenly compromised.

Marc Abf


Fresh water scarcity is a major challenge in the 21st century. I first became interested in water technologies to solve wastewater issues. My idea revolves around using ultrasonic technology to liberate water molecules, thus creating a mist and then collecting this mist. Let’s see if it works!

Blue Waves Water Solution

Academic/ Research Institution

We are a passionate and young team of undergraduates and graduate students from the Civil and Environmental Engineering of National University of Singapore. Under the guidance of our professor, Professor Hu Jiangyong, our team has test bedded a hypothetical product that incorporated unique technologies to enhance solar desalination to ensure cheap, reliable and sustainable water sources.

Hydro Wind Energy

Registered Company

Selected by the World Economic Forum as one of the top 100 startups shaping the 4th Industrial Revolution, Hydro Wind Energy, are creating viable and practical solutions to the global environmental crisis to solve some of the biggest challenges of the 21st century.


Registered Company

RESCO is a fast-growing SME founded three years ago by Malik AlNabhani and his partner Anwaar AlHinaai. The company works in different fields including but not limited to: Laboratory supplies, Research and development, consultancy, operation improvement and innovation. Our team is excited to create an innovative and viable device using natural material to desalinate water.

The International Institute for Water and Sanitation (IEA)

Academic/Research Institution

As an organisation specialising in the production, treatment, and distribution of drinking water as well as the management of wastewater treatment, the ONEE has proven experience in the field of water treatment using membrane techniques. In order to successfully complete the project, we have founded a polyvalent consortium made up of experts in the field of water treatment, plastic materials, and renewable energy.


Academic/ Research Institution

3DPura is an efficient personal desalination device developed by a team of Chemistry researchers from the National University of Singapore. The cost-effective desalination device incorporates 3D printed high flux membrane based on novel nanocellulosic composite materials to meet the criteria of the challenge and make drinking water readily available from the sea.

Blue Wave


“Blue Wave Team” is high-degree-qualified young researchers, we are an enthusiastic, motivated and eager team. we are Ph.D. researchers, engineers, and technicians.

The challenge of producing the device just using $20 is a big challenge as materials needed are expensive compared with the mission of getting freshwater away from a very crumbling-seawater. also, the need for a stand-alone device without any addition of materials and resources was considered a stressing point of concern.


Registered Company

Christabel Holdings Limited is a UK limited company registered in England and Wales. The company’s device meets the challenge selection criteria through its ability to desalinate and purify water to the selection criteria standards, deliver sufficient daily drinking water and to do so through a process that is comparatively inexpensive, portable, user-friendly, lightweight, standalone, robust and durable.

GoRain NanoTech

Academic/ Research Institution

We are a team from the Department of Mechanics and the Department of Chemistry of Tsinghua University. The team has more than ten years of experience in research and development of advanced materials and water purification devices. Using graphene nanomaterials and advanced industrial design, we have developed a number of energy-free adaptive Water purification system for multiple application scenarios.

Desalination of water using solar energy

Academic/ Research Institution

As a researcher, I have focused my line of research towards the development of applied research that seeks to respond to the serious problem of access to drinking water that exists in rural communities in the State of Zulia-Venezuela, where arid and semi-arid climates predominate, with high temperatures throughout the year, strong evaporation, low rainfall and abundant solar incidence.

Dr.S.V.Satya Narayana

Academic/ Research Institution


Research team

Flame Ammo Group, “FLAMMO” is an energetic, inspired and willing group of highly-qualified young researchers. We are graduate students, engineers, and professionals.

Fresh Water for Everyone



Registered Company

We are a team of current PhD students and recent graduates of the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering with extensive experience designing water purification and desalination systems for humanitarian relief.



Water Sun

Academic/ Research Institution

Pinku Kumar


Raul & Vilma


My experience has been in the field of industrial instrumentation. In recent years I have collaborated with TERMOSAG, a small renewable energy research company and with Globalidad y Alto Rendimiento, a construction company; in the aqueduct and sewer division. My proposal is based on RO membranes since I believe it is the simplest technology for what is requested. I would be delighted to contribute to you and this challenge in your search for clean water to save people in disaster areas.

Salamon Istvan

 Registered Company

Planet-Qualies Team

Registered Company

Planet-Qualies proposes a multidisciplinary team composed by: An environmental engineer, a Post Doc materials chemist specialized in nanomaterials for sustainable energy, an engineer specialized in setting up emergency camps for refugees, a product designer specialized in filtration and desalination technology, a community support and education expert and two senior international business developers. The team has been set up in order to tackle all the relevant aspects of this challenge: technological, economical and socio/cultural aspects of introducing a technology in emergency situation.

Zero Student Company

Registered Company


Academic/ Research Institution

Smart Desalination


SunThirst Team

Team lead- Adel Zeggaf Tahiri

The idea of using renewable energy, namely solar radiation, for seawater
desalination has crossed my mind multiple times while travelling and working in
the barren coastal Mauritanian desert. Freshwater was scarce and expensive for
local villagers who thrived for food and minimum welfare. Water was just so close
and so far. As for Banc d’Arguin Park villages, old and broken trucks were
bringing water to thirsty villagers hundreds of kilometers away from main nearby
city. Water was not merchandise, it was life.


 Team of two

We are both mechanical engineers, and we intend to design a device for desalination by distillation or reverse osmosis.

Team Alpha

Academic/ Research Institution

We are a team of undergraduate engineering students Two from the Indian institute of information technology Nagpur and one from LNM Institute of Information Technology. Since this will be a revolutionary change in the water problem prevailing in many countries, we took it as an interest to develop a reliable product for desalination.